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The Spoorzone Delft project comprises the integral redevelopment of an area of around 40 hectares, located in between the inner city and the residential neighbourhoods to the west and south.

The entire project consists of a railway tunnel, a railway station with municipal office, around 1200 dwellings, a number of office buildings, a city park, water elements, bicycle facilities, parking facilities and roads.

The project provides an immense impetus to the city of Delft. The Spoorzone will constitute a high-quality connection between city districts that are now separated from each other by the railway.

The main elements of the Spoorzone area are:

  1. A new 4-track railway tunnel will be constructed. With a length of 2300 metres, it runs from the DSM/Gist premises to Abtswoudseweg at Engelsestraat at the southern side of the project area.
  2. The current railway viaduct will be demolished once the railway tunnel is taken into use.
  3. The Bacinol building that flanks the DSM/Gist premises is demolished. Once the tunnel has been completed, a new office building of roughly the same size will be built on this spot.
  4. Windmill De Roos and Bagijne Tower – both monuments – will remain intact, on top of the tunnel.
  5. A canal will be constructed between Phoenixstraat and Spoorsingel, at the side of Spoorsingel.
  6. At the Spoorsingel there is room next to the tunnel for an underground parking garage with 650 places.
  7. Phoenixstraat and Westvest will remain accessible for trams, busses and local traffic.
  8. Bolwerk will be turned into a green area with water.
  9. The new station hall at the northern end of Stationsplein will be combined with a new municipal office. The old station building will remain intact and be given a new purpose.
  10. The bus stops will remain on Stationsplein, the tram stops on Westvest.
  11. New construction will arise on the location of  Van Leeuwenhoeksingel and Houttuinen. New dwellings will be built in the southern area of the Spoorzone.
  12. The new access road will run along Coenderstraat, connecting to Westlandseweg. This road will have a single lane in each direction.
  13. The Irenetunnel will disappear. At this location, traffic will pass over the railway tunnel.
  14. A city park will be built over the southern part of the railway tunnel.
  15. The area will be furnished with open water elements offering additional water storage.
  16. The access road ('Emplacementsweg') will connect to Schieweg.

Planning and phases

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Executing the Spoorzone project will take more than ten years. A project this size demands thorough preparation and planning. Since the tunnel will be constructed straight through the city, various arrangements have to be made before the real work can begin. The activities are broadly scheduled as follows:

2009: Execution begins
Preparatory work will begin in 2009, such as moving cables and pipes, demolition, moving the  Phoenixstraat tram and transplanting trees.

Winter 2009 – mid 2013

  • Construction of the eastern tunnel tube (shafts 1 & 2), Phoenixstraat and the area south of the Irenetunnel
  • Start constructing eastern and western tunnel tube in station area
  • Construction of the underground station

2013: Start construction of municipal office and station hall
The station and the first phase of the municipal office will be directly above the railway tunnel. As soon as the tunnel is taken into use and the former railway area becomes available, the second part of the municipal office can be constructed on that location.

2013 – 2014
Finishing the railway and station

2013: Start construction of dwellings
Due to the current unstable situation at the real estate market it is not clear when the development of the first new dwellings will start.

2015: trains run underground
From february 2015, trains will run through the first tunnel tube with 2 tracks. The railway viaduct can then be demolished, and building the second tunnel tube with another two tracks can begin.

2015 – 2017

  • Construction of the western tunnel tube (shafts 3 & 4), Phoenixstraat and Engelsestraat.
  • Construction of the parking garage, Spoorsingel
  • Phoenixstraat/Spoorsingel, definitive layout of the public space

2017: Completion of the railway tunnel  

2025: Completion of the last new urban construction

The final phase of the urban development can be completed by 2025.

This website offers the main information about Spoorzone Delft in outline. If you desire more detailed information, you can also ask your questions via this website.

Information Centre
You can also visit the Informatiecentrum Delft Bouwt. This information centre provides information about the developments within the Spoorzone area, both above and underground. Scale models of the Spoorzone and municipal office are also on display, as are various exhibitions on diverse topics. The information centre staff is happy to answer your questions and offer further explanation.

The information centre Delft Bouwt is located at:

Crommelinplein 1, delft
015-260 26 11.

The information centre also accommodates a damage reporting desk (Schadeloket Spoorzone). Spoorzone Delft is an extensive construction project, and of course every effort is made to prevent damage and to limit annoyance for the surroundings while carrying out the building activities. However, despite all the measures taken and the utmost care exercised, you may still be affected adversely by the project. In certain cases, this will entitle you to (partial) compensation, e.g. for damages incurred.  Standard forms are available to submit requests for compensation. These forms are in Dutch.